All e-commerce features you need

Our job is to keep your online shop up-to-date and be sure that you will have all e-commerce features from basic to fancy tools. While you can pay extra attention to product selling and business running.

Personal online store

Usability based theme for every business size

You will find three modern easy to use and attractive designs. Each design is suitable for your business type and size.

Customizable design

Each design is fully customizable. You don’t need any programming knowledge to customize your design or adapt it to your personal needs. Our built-in design editor helps you do that easy and fast.

Search mechanism

There is a built-in search mechanism which allows your customers to look for specific products using keywords. Their shopping experience becomes much easier and faster.

Own domain name

If you want, you can use your own domain name by directing it to our IP address.

One step checkout

Checkout is made easy. Your customer doesn’t have to take a lot of steps to complete his purchase.

Payment gateways

Integrated internet payment gateways will allow your customers to pay by Visa, Master and Naira cards.


You can choose from multiple languages or add your own.

Shipping management

You have full control over shipping. You will decide on prices, delivery time and shipping company you want to use.

Online store themes

to suit your business best

You decide which theme you like most and apply it to your online shop. This will help you to personalize your business. You can change your design at any time without any additional struggle. Adapt your online shop to your business!


Store management

Enquiry management

A few step enquiry management. All enquiries are stored in one panel and also sent to you by email.

Order management

You will find information and status about the order in one panel; therefore, it will be easy to fulfil orders in the same panel, in a few steps.

Customer accounts and grouping

You can create groups you want and add your customers to them. It helps you to encourage shopping and create loyalty programs.


Easily manageable online store

We made all product management easy for you. In a few simple steps you can create categories, put your products and start selling them online. You can always add more or change your production using computer or any mobile platform. Build your business online!


Product management

Inventory management

System automatically tracks your inventory that allows you to follow your online shop’s performance. When the inventory is sold out, the system automatically enables enquiries.

Variations and filters

You can add attributes to your products using different colors, sizes, etc. Attributes can be used as filters and help your customers to find a specific product much faster and easier.


You can import and export .CSV file with your product information. It allows you to manage big stocks in a faster and more efficient way.

Digital product

You can create and sell digital products. After the purchase customers will be able to download them from your online shop.

Product SEO

You can add SEO information to each product separately or for a category of products.

Multi images

The products you sell can have more than one image.

Product organization

You can create categories that help to group your products.

Marketing and SEO

to attract your customers

Integrated marketing and SEO allows you to attract potential clients, build loyalty campaigns, communicate and ask for reviews. Expand your business to new and existing customers!


Search engine optimized

You can add texts and keywords for SEO. You can choose if you want to add them separately for your online shop, products or categories.

Generated sitemap.xml

The system automatically creates your sitemap. You can use it for better crawling and indexation for SEO.

Discount and gift codes and coupons

You can create discount coupons and generate discount codes for your customers. They can be used as gift coupons or for special promotions.


After purchase your customers will receive an email survey which asks to answer a few questions and review their shopping experience.

Email marketing

An integrated email marketing system allows you to send up to 15 000 professional and trackable newsletters a month.

Social media integration

Connect your e-shop with your Facebook business page. Get more likes, fans and sell more.

Deals creation

You can create deals that will be shown on your main page. Add products to the deals and make promos. You can add special icons on your products to indicate a deal.

Google analytics, Webmasters, Remarketing

There is an integrated space for Google analytics, webmasters and remarketing tags.


Fast payment processing

GETSHOPIN allows you to complete, view, manage and process your orders. You will never miss an order with our automatic notification system. One step checkout helps your customers to complete their purchase without any additional finishing steps. Using integrated internet payment methods your customers will be able to pay by Naira card online, make bank transfer or pay cash on delivery.



Responsive design

Each design and administrator’s panel is responsive to mobile platforms. You can manage your shop and your customers can make purchases using mobile devices.

Order fulfilment

You can fulfil your orders using a mobile device.

Manage inventory

You can manage your inventory and track your shop’s performance on the go.

Do not worry

about your IT

While you are focusing on your business, we are taking care of all IT related issues. Our servers are working 24/7 and are being monitored all the time. Be safe and don’t worry!


Unlimited bandwidth

There are no limitations for your visitors and traffic.

Daily backups

All information of your online shop is backed up daily in a data center.

Instant upgrades

All updates are automatic. You don’t need to make additional installations for every upgrade.

Uptime and monitoring

24 hours of uptime and monitoring. We will make sure that your shop is always working.

What are you waiting for? Start your business now!


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